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The “Oils of Choice” for Asphalt Rejuvenation & Recycling

HYDROLENE® Cold-In-Place Recycling

In Cold-In-Place Recycling, Hydrolene can slow the rate of deterioration of new surfaces and increase their lifespan. Hydrolene may be blended with asphalt to produce traditional asphalt emulsions or Hydrolene may be emulsified itself to produce a non-ionic emulsion for use in the cold recycling process.

These are the oils that make quick work of penetrating asphalt. Their high aromaticity provides the outstanding solvency that promotes the immediate softening and flow characteristics that make Hydrolene Oils so effective in improving recycling performance.

REJUVENATION VS. RECYCLING Understanding the Difference (Click Here)

key features and advantages

  • Excellent initial softening, processing and solvency characteristics.
  • High temperature stability minimizes volatility (i.e. smoking) in the mixing process and can help reduce high temperature aging of the asphalt.
  • Effective in restoring high viscosity aged asphalt.
  • Low in viscosity which allows for ease and greater workability.
  • High density results in lower cost per ton by delivering more pounds per gallon versus comparable lower density oils.
  • Virtually free of asphaltenes, allowing you to balance the asphaltene versus maltene content of the asphalt.

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