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HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing Horticultural Oils

Sun AG® Oils

Highly Refined Carriers For Herbicides

HollyFrontier Ag Oils are highly refined paraffinic oils specifically formulated for use as supplemental carriers for herbicides. As carriers, they form a better spray pattern than some herbicides used alone. Also, they penetrate the cuticle and stoma of the foliar surface carrying the herbicide with it and hold the chemical on the plant longer, giving it more time to work. This improved dispersion results in increased coverage in a shorter period of time, amplifying the effectiveness of the herbicide.

key features and advantages

HollyFrontier Sun AG Oil Advantages:

  • Improves spray suspension for better distribution and uniformity of weed killing
  • Carries the herbicide through the cuticle and stoma of the leaf surfaces
  • Retards water evaporation to extend the time for assimilation by plant tissue

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