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Specialized Oils Developed For Specific Applications

HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing DCA® DUST CONTROL AGENTS

Increasingly stringent OSHA and EPA air and water quality regulations require greater attention to migrant dust particulates. HollyFrontier’s Dust Control Agents (DCA) line of emulsified and non- emulsified mineral hydrocarbons provide excellent short term control of fugitive dust in fertilizer, limestone and other dust producing operations such as dust from dirt roads, mines and construction sites. They provide a highly effective mechanism of suppression and retention for many work environments and applications, including:
Roads • Coal • Fiberglass • Agricultural • Mining • Energy

key features and advantages

HollyFrontier DCA Dust Control Oil Advantages:

  • Highly saturated Paraffinic oils
  • Excellent initial color
  • Low solvency
  • Low volatility
  • Oxidation resistant
  • Optimum color stability

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