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HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing Process Oils for Rubber and Polymer Manufacture

Non-carcinogenic CIRCOSOL® Series:
  • Circosol RAE

Low PAH, high aromatic rubber extended oils for world-wide tire and SBR polymer manufacture.(This oil complies with EU Directive 200J/69/EC for non-carcinogenic
rubber extender oil for tires)

The CIRCOSOL Series are quick and economical, high aromatic drop-in replacement oils. Classified as residual extracts not requiring R45 labeling, CIRCOSOL oils are produced with the same chemical properties and aromaticity as traditional aromatic oils, but without the potentially harmful PAH content of traditional aromatic oils. Using CIRCOSOL oils means your rubber compound will benefit from the same performance you have developed, without the need to reformulate. Alternate non-carcinogenic oils don’t have the same aromaticity and require further manipulation, which may compromise the performance standards you have installed. With CIRCOSOL oils you will experience virtually no change in tire performance, while optimizing lower costs compared to naphthenic oils. Each batch of CIRCOSOL oils is tested for compliance, so the product you receive will be on spec.

key features and advantages

Circosol Advantages:

  • Used as a drop-in replacement for non-compliant oils
  • Economical-lower overall cost
  • No reformulation required
  • Classified as a residual aromatic extract (RAE). Does not require R-45 labeling

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