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HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing’s Commitment To Operations Integrity and Quality.

Our Quality Management System is the driving force behind the company’s commitment to operations integrity. Our Refining and Marketing business has undergone third-party certification audits by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc.


HollyFrontier oils are produced in strict compliance with statistical process control, managed through the latest version of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality.


In accordance with the European Union (EU) and REACH legislation, HollyFrontier as a “non-EU manufacturer” has designated The Acta Group EU, Ltd (Acta EU) as our Only Representative (OR). As our Only Representative, Acta EU will retain records of the annual volume of substances imported by customers of HollyFrontier into the EU, and will ensure, where applicable, that the latest hazard communication (i.e., Safety Data Sheet) on these substances is supplied to our customers. Customers will need to communicate the latest hazard communication along the supply chain or ensure that details from that hazard communication are incorporated into any subsequent hazard communications prepare.

Please inform Acta EU of your EU tonnage band requirements and your downstream customers’ requirements so that volumes may be aggregated and your supply chain supported. Also please inform Acta EU of your intended applications as well as that of your downstream customers so they may be considered for inclusion in our registration.

For Acta EU contact information, please call HollyFrontier at 800-395-2786.

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