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Specialized Oils Developed For Specific Applications

HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing SUNCOAT® COATING OILS

An industry leader in coating oils for over 20 years, HollyFrontier offers a line of low viscosity paraf- finic coating oils for the needs of external siding and deck protection products. Suncoat 100 offers a nominal 20 cST/40aC viscosity that has been used for the more severe shake and shingle roof appli- cations. Rust protection and metal forming are additional applications. Suncoat coatings exceed OSHA criteria for severely treated oils, and therefore do not require labeling or handling as potential dermal carcinogens.

key features and advantages

HollyFrontier Suncoat Advantages:

  • VOC reduction capabilities
  • Solvency to help solubilize even the toughest fungicides
  • Low odor and good color stability
  • Excellent dispersion characteristics
  • Good oxidation resistance

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