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HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing Waxes...the best in performance and productivity


HollyFrontier waxes have been at the forefront of Particle Board, Plywood, and OSB resin production for a half century, and continue to perform at the highest level in these board applications today. They are refined in a full range of melt points and oil contents for use in both emulsions and neat form.

key features and advantages

  • Oil contents available from 3% to 25%
  • Straight chain paraffin for better waterproofing characteristics
  • Unique ability to custom blend for both oil content and molecular size

Optimum Applications

  • OSB manufacturing
  • MDF manufacturing
  • Particleboard manufacturing
  • Plywood manufacturing
  • Lumber end-cap waterproofing
  • Composite and lumber shipping water resistance

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