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Hydrolene® Hot-Mix Asphalt Rejuvenator

The “Oils of Choice” for Asphalt Rejuvenation & Recycling

These are the oils that make asphalt better than new. They actually reconstitute the original chemistry of the asphalt or RAP, adding back the elements that have been lost through oxidation and aging. This results in roadways that defy comparison for longevity and economy. Competitive products provide no property performance improvement. HollyFrontier's Refining & Marketing Hydrolene products replace lost properties and add value to your application.

Warm-Mix Asphalt

Hydrolene is compatible with Warm-Mix foaming and additive packages. It does not adversely affect these technologies.

key features and advantages

  • High aromatic content enables penetration and rejuvenation of asphalt quickly and effectively.
  • Increases aromatic resins lost during oxidation.
  • Improved fatigue performance.
  • Does not cause continuous age softening of the RAP asphalt binder that could lead to increased rutting potential.
  • Low in viscosity, which improves the ease and greater workability and compaction of the RAP mix design.
  • Effective in restoring high viscosity aged asphalt.
  • Hydrolene is compatible with Warm-Mix foaming and additive packages.

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