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Horticultural Oil

SunSpray® Ultra-Fine® Spray Oil

Effective year-round protection of landscapes, gardens, greenhouse, fruit trees and interiorscape, without the use of synthetic chemicals.

SunSpray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil is a horticultural oil designed to meet the growing need for an effective pesticide for applicators wary of putting potentially harmful chemicals into the environment.

Ultra-Fine is different from chemical pesticides.

SunSpray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil kills pests through the physical action of “smothering” the insects and their eggs while most synthetic chemical insecticides kill pests by “poisoning”. And, unlike chemicals, no insect is known to have built up any resistance to the suffocating action of spray oil.

Ultra-Fine is different from other spray oils.

Unlike other spray oils, SunSpray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil can be used throughout the growing season in a wide variety of applications without the concern for phytotoxicity (plant damage), when used properly. It is more highly refined than other spray oils to ensure year-round protection of landscapes, ornamental plants (including roses, flowering shrubs and ornamental trees), vegetables and fruit trees. It has been proven to control many immature and soft-bodied insects that can feed on these plants- particularly aphids, adelgids, certain caterpillars, leaf beetle larvae, scales, spider mites and whiteflies.

key features and advantages

HollyFrontier SunSpray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil Advantages:

  • Low toxicity
  • Can be used throughout growing season
  • Provides year-round protection
  • Safe for indoors and greenhouse use

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