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Asphalt Performance Products

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Base Oil Brochures

Base Oils

Base Oils


Technical Reports

  • Tech Report 1002 - The Use of Aromatic Oil in Binder Modification
  • Tech Report 1003 - Comparison of Sundex 8000 EU verses 2000-Second Naphthenic Oil Typical Values
  • Tech Report 1004 - Rejuvenating Agents VS. Recycling Agents in Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Design
  • Tech Report 1005 - Superior Vehicle Stopping Distance in Tire Tread Formulation Containing Sundex® 8000 EU
  • Tech Report 1006 - Petroleum Extender Oils for Reduced Peroxide Consumption in Compounded EPDM
  • Tech Report 1007 - The Impact Different Types of Process Oils in Tire Formulations Can Have on Vehicle Stopping Distances
  • Tech Report 1008 - Effect of Processing Oil Aromatic Content on Styrene Butadiene Rubber Properties

Typical Properties


  • Sunpar® Paraffinic Oils (107 to 125)
  • Sunpar® Paraffinic Oils: (Spanish) (107 to 125)
  • Sunpar® Paraffinic Oils (130 to 2280)
  • Sunpar® Paraffinic Oils: (Spanish) (130 to 2280)
  • Sundex® Aromatic Oils
  • Sundex® Aromatic Oils: (Spanish)
  • Sundex® The Clean Aromatic Oils™


  • Hydrolene® Asphalt Modifiers
  • Hydrolene® Green Asphalt Technology
  • Hydrolene® Roofing Series
  • Sunspray® Spray Oils
  • SunSpray® Ultra-Fine Spray Oil
  • SunAg® Oils
  • Sunspray® MLO
  • DCA® Dust Control Agents
  • FCA® Defoamer Oils
  • Suncoat® Coating Oils
  • Sunroll® Aluminum Rolling Oils
  • Heat Transfer Oils


  • Base Oil
  • Base Oil: (Spanish)