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polymer modified asphalt

Hydrolene® Polymer Modified Asphalt Enhancers

Hydrolene improves both compatibility and performance in Polymer Modified Asphalt. The outstanding solvency characteristics of Hydrolene Oils enhance compatibility between asphalt and polymers. This gives you the flexibility of using asphalts which are refined from a wider variety of crude oils. HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing was a pioneer in the use of oils in polymer technology. In fact, a number of the polymers available for polymer modified asphalt (PMA) already contain HollyFrontier oils as a standard component. Hydrolene improves both compatibility and performance in PMA.

key features and advantages

  • High solvency creates flexibility when using asphalts refined from a wide variety of crude oil.
  • Outstanding solvency characteristics to enhance compatibility between the asphalt and polymers.
  • Ability to extend or increase the temperature range of the PMA asphalt.
  • Improves critical cracking temperatures in performance grade asphalt binders.
  • High density results in lower cost per ton by delivering more pounds per gallon versus comparable lower density oils.
  • Virtually free of asphaltenes, allowing you to balance the asphaltene versus maltene content of the asphalt.

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